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Cooking classes have become very popular in Nyaungshwe in recent years. But one of the very first of the bunch was the Bamboo Delight Cooking Class, and they remain the best. And we're not saying that just because Bamboo Delight owners Ma Pu Sue and her husband Lesley are our friends. Check out the rave reviews for Bamboo Delight on Trip Advisor or Facebook. Yes indeed, Sue and Lesley excel at preparing delicious Myanmar dishes, and enjoy teaching their guests how to make this food.

Sue and Lesly take their guests through every stop of buying, preparing, cooking, and of course eating this delicious food. Guests are invited to go with them to the market in the morning before returning back to their home for the fun part: creating some amazing meals. If you thought Burmese food was nothing more than oily curries and greasy fried rice dishes, prepare to be enlightened! Sue and Lesly have menus that cater to every culinary craving, from vegetarian-only spreads and local delicacies such as Shan-style salads and soups, to grilled fish and poultry dishes.

Bamboo Delight also strives to give back to the community. They frequently invite the novice monks from nearby Tat Ei village for a hearty breakfast of monhinga, and offer other treats on the monks' regular morning alms rounds. Bamboo Delight also helps to sponsor local students by buying them school uniforms and notebooks each term.

Bamboo Delight is located in the Nandawunn Quarter of Nyaungshwe, only a 5-minute bike ride from Chinlone Books.


Tel: (+95) 94 101 0433   OR (+95) 94 2834 5261